Thursday 16 July 2015

Hyper hatch arms race: next Mercedes-AMG A45 will get 400bhp+


Big Motoring World considers the news that Mercedes-AMG chief Tobias Moers has confirmed the next-generation A45 AMG hyper hatch will get a four-cylinder engine – with more than 400bhp.


Speaking at this month’s revealing of the new Mercedes A-Class, Moers confirmed that the AMG will have an all-new four-cylinder engine.

He explained that despite the recent 21bhp increase in Mercedes power to an impressive 376bhp, it is still not possible to extract more horse power from the current turbocharged engine. So with competitors confirming there will be cars surpassing the 400bhp mark, Mercedes is determined to come up with something even more explosive.

Whole Package

Moers said: “It is important for our customers to have the most powerful car in the segment... to us, it is important to offer the whole package”.

With Nurburgring lap times dominating the headlines in recent months, this new A45 may get around the 12.9-mile track in less than eight minutes –at least 10 seconds faster than the outgoing A45 AMG.
Mercedes, however, is not yet considering electrification or hybrid power for its top-spec AMG models and won’t simply install a bigger turbo or rejig the ECU. Using BMW’s six-cylinder M-cars as an example, Mercedes would not drop the V8 C63, “when it is within one or two mpg of lesser rivals.”

The visual changes made to Merc’s standard A-Class will make their way onto the CLA and GLA next year, with both models getting the uprated AMG engines in the coming months.

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