Tuesday 27 October 2015

Big Motoring World Reviews BMW i8 and Apple Watch connectivity


The BMW i8 is priced at £104,540, yet still represents huge value for money for the select few who are fortunate enough to buy one. Here, Big Motoring World reviews the momentous technology of the i8 which also combines with Apple Watch.

The i8

The i8 boasts a complex petrol-electric hybrid powertrain and carbon fibre construction which set it apart from many previous hybrids. It has a concept-car look and a class-leading infotainment system which gives it a full driving experience.

The technology

BMW released a smartphone app in the initial i8 launch, but now things have been taken up a level. Owners can now remotely control functions on the car directly from their wrists using Apple Watch, which includes controlling car heating, flashing the headlights and the radio. The smartphone app has even more features, including sharing your eco stats with other i8 users. The app includes building a navigation route to your preferred destination and hooking it up to your i8’s Drive System before you’ve even set foot in the car.


Unlike much of recent technology, the BMW technology is all useful and adds to your driving experience. Connectivity and internet access needs to be at a premium for the full realisation of this technology to be discovered, but this is a clear step in the right direction for BMW. It is expected that this technology will continue into further developments by BMW which will filter down into other models.

Big Motoring World

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