Thursday 9 July 2015

Big Motoring World reviews this year’s new Mercedes plug-in hybrid


Big Motoring World reviews the new Mercedes GLE500e plug-in hybrid, which came out earlier this year. It was the first M-Class model to be named ‘GLE’, which signifies the beginning of Mercedes’ new and improved hybrid range.


The GLE looks smooth on the outside, with new headlights and an improved grille, bonnet, bumper and wings at the front. The front end is so far from a C-Class, yet very similar from the back. Another new bumper to the tail end and blue LED lights signify its hybrid status and glamorous exterior, to really set it apart from previous models.
The major change inside is the new tablet-style ‘infotainment’ screen, which we first saw in the A-Class. There are plenty of upgrades on features and technology.

What’s it like to drive?

A combined total output of 434bhp and lashing of instant electric motor torque makes relatively light work of the 2.5-tonne kerbweight in a straight line. It goes 0-62mph in just 5.3sec – nearly half a second faster than its rivals.


If you really wanted a plug-in hybrid M-Class, then the waiting is over. And it really lives up to all expectations. Hybrid is the way the market is going, so it appears this style and model is only going to get better. An innovative release for Mercedes’ new eco-friendly brand.

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