Wednesday 30 April 2014

What is Gard X?


When you purchase your vehicle, you will be offered Gard X for an additional cost. A lot of customers don’t actually understand the benefits of Gard X. Here at Big Motoring World we have put together a blog which explains in detail how the product works.

Gard X is a solution to keep your vehicle’s exterior and interior away from the endures of daily attacks from a number of weather borne and human factors. The Gard X Vehicle Protection System with Nano technology, forms a highly resilient protective coating over your paintwork that shields it from these harmful elements. It also provides a high gloss showroom finish that retains its appearance wash-after-wash.

Exterior Protection: 

Gard X is applied in a 2 stage paint protection systems this permanently etches 4 layers of protective sealant in to the core of your cars paintwork.

Stage 1:
The powerful formulation employing Nano technology penetrates into the molecules of the paintwork preparing it for the final sealant and protection ready for stage 2.

Stage 2:
Permanently bonding with stage 1, creating a protective coating on the paintwork like a second skin which resists attack and contamination from pollutants and road grime.

Once stage 2 has been applied it shields against the effects of the sun UV rays, acid rain, sea and road salt and provides a high gloss finish which retains its appearance wash after wash.

Interior Protection:

Gard X products are designed to protect all interior fabrics and leathers from spillages and staining, allowing the interior to maintain a just like new look.

Stain Guard:
‘’Stain Guard’’ is a state of the art formulation that coats each individual fabric fibre with an invisible barrier that protects against liquid spills, dirt, grease. 

Leather Guard:
An exclusive leather treatment which seals the hide but still allows it to breathe. Leather Guard protects against stains, dirt and liquid spills at the same time moisturising the leather to retain that supple natural look and feel.

Gard X also provide a take home kit which includes:

  • Jumbo Sponge
  • Micro Fibre Cloth
  • Glass Guard
  • Bird Dropping Remover
  • Wash and Wax
  • Conserver
  • Tyre Guard             

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