Wednesday 15 October 2014

Bargain BMW’s


It isn’t IMPOSSIBLE to get a brilliant performance car for reasonable money...

BMW – 328I (£1,550) – The M division, which was formed to develop BMW’s racing cars, has knocked out some fantastic metal over the years – with desirability to match. The first M3, the E30 model made from 1985-92, has seen its values shoot up over the last year. One of the last to be built, the sport Evo, will now cost you well over £50,000 if it’s in excellent condition.

There was one on Piston-heads which was up for £85,000 – crazy i know however it’s true. So it’s not that impossible to get an old M3 for sensible money.
The E36 M3, which BMW built from 1992-99, is a real bargain with good cars not much over two grand. However there are other brilliant performance BMW’s that don’t have the ‘Sex Appeal’ of the M badge but are great to drive anyway.
BMW – Z3 (£3,950) – Now this is a real cracker. Its 1997 so it’s an E36 version (in BMW’s coding system) it’s powered by the lovely 2.8-litre straight-six engine which has 190bhp. Doesn’t sound much but the E36 wasn’t particularly heavy, so goes very well. It’s great fun to drive with lots of skidding and tyre-smoking potential. This car is in metallic green, has 115,000 miles on the clock but has a full service history.

BMW – 840 CI (£4,500) – BMW’s 8-series coupe wasn’t particularly rated by car mags when new but is still a comfortable, quick long-distance tourer. The 8-series used to be a real bargain but prices seem to be nudging up. However, affordable cars like this 1997 840 CI are still around today.

This car has the 4.4-litre 286bhp V8 motor that’s more reliable than the previous 4.0-litre version, a lot of style goes for a lot more money.

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