Thursday 16 October 2014

KW releases F80 M3/ F82 M4 club-sport coilover photos


Thrilled is the right world when the KW was announced. Their impressive new Club-sport coilover system for the F8x M3/M4, as their suspension products have become known in the enthusiast communities for their world-class quality and performance. Recently KW released the very first photos of the new Club-sports, and people wanted to share them with everyone here.

The KW Club-sports coilover gives BMW drivers who want to extract the maximum potential from their new M4 Coupe and M3 sedan on racetracks and on the street. KW Club-sport coilover have been developed on the Nurburgring Nordschleife and allow separate adjustment of the rebound and compression similar to our competition racing dampers. KW Variant 3 coilover also offer a similar level of adjustment too.

With so much adjustment available for the BMW M4 and BMW M3 suspension it allows fine-tuning for additional upgrades such as modified brakes, semi-slick tyres increased engine power.

With the rebound adjustment on the upper end of the piston rod the V3,       Club-sport 2-way and 3-way coilover can be adjusted with 16 clicks. With less rebound force the comfort will increase, whereas with increased rebound force the handling will improve and the bodywork roll reduced. Due to this, the steering precision will improved when driving fast.

The damping force in KW V3 and Club-sport 2-way can be adjusted manually with 1 click, with KW club-sport 3-way offering further adjustment.
Compression damping can be adjusted independently in the high and low speed range. High-speed compression adjustment can be varied between 14-steps and low-speed compression can be varied with 6-steps. A harder low-speed adjustment will cause a more direct steering behaviour on the front axle and reduce over steer at the rear axle.

Furthermore, KW Club-sport top mounts improve the grip of sport and semi-slick tyres thanks to adjustable camber providing an optimal seating while driving through corners. No top mounts are available for variant 3 coilover, and the damping/spring rate is also different between the two coilover. For those who want maximum performance on racetracks Club-sports is the ultimate solution. For sporty driving on the roads Variant 3 suits the M4 and M3 perfectly. Just like Variant 3 coilover, KW Club-sport have a German TUV certificate meaning you can easily drive home with your M4 or M3 after hitting the track in total safety and control – simply change the settings to a more comfortable ride.

A stainless steel threaded strut allows a German TUV tested lowering range between 15-40mm on the front and rear axles, while KW adjustable lowering springs allow a continuous lowering of 5-25mm.

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