Wednesday 15 October 2014

BMW I8 owners tips and observations from the first 880 miles


(880 miles on the clock) Originally expecting the car in February/March and winter is quickly approaching we had some catching up to do. Here are some observations. The MPG for those 880 miles was 35.1 that are with the dealer not charging the car and not charging anywhere, gas only for those miles. Before we do anything else ‘turn on’ “prefer expressways” or something similar in the Nav options, or the Nav system will take us over the river and through the words in an attempt to achieve the “fastest” route, even if that means selecting a winding 45 mph back road that shaves a minute off staying on the interstate 3 more exits.

There’s a lit box with “AUTO” on top in the climate display, with a bar with five positions. I thought this was telling us what speed the fan was running in auto, but its how much energy intensive we want the Auto setting to be.

Don’t switch driving modes right before you move from a stop, say at a red light right as it changes to green. There is a good 2-3 second pause when stationary when the car changes to a different mode, it’s instant and unnoticeable when moving but jarring right as you’re pulling out.

Turn off “sport” when entering a parking lot/parking. For two reasons: one, sport makes the car very aggressive from a standstill. Lunging towards a spot with a high club is no fun. Two, if we go to make a multi point turn, pushing forward on the stick while in sport doesn’t put the car in reverse... it will only go into reverse if it’s in the non-sport position.
The speed limit reading camera is going to ruin us in other cars. As is the “gods-eye” camera when parking. The Bluetooth audio is the best implementation I’ve come across. The stereo is excellent.

The trunk is big enough for a overhead bin roller carry-on suitcase and not much else. The back seat is your trunk for everything else.
People that are 6’0” cant sit in the back seat without breaking their neck/turning my head to a 45 degree angle. And even then it wouldn’t be comfortable with my broad shoulders. It would be right for a 5’ person kids are probably fine.
Getting in and out is a challenge for anyone not use to wide sills for unconventional doors on cars (which is pretty much everyone), but we don’t find it an issue... but most people probably will. My boyfriend loves everything about the car except having to “crawl out of it.

Overall this car is good, but if you are over 6’0” and you’re not on the skinny side then you might have a few problems, but I defiantly think the car is worth its money.

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