Tuesday 12 August 2014

Mercedes-Benz S600


Mercedes-Benz limo built like a tank

If the quality of a cars build of a cars appeal then Mercedes-Benz' latest S-Class variant could become one of the most desirable cars in the world.

This is because the S600 Guard is built like a tank, designed to protect important occupants from assault while riding in a luxurious cabin.

Combining luxury features with fortified bodywork and glass, the S600 will hit the streets as part of an armoured fleet for dignitaries and business owners.

The S600 is built from the ground up as a special model with armour plating throughout its body shell. Spaces between the car's structure and skin are filled with steel plates, while ballistic cloth and fabrics are used throughout the car’s interior.

The Mercedes is said to be effective protection against the threat posed by any sort of attacks, and that it meets the VR9 standard of protection, which means it should withstand fire from pistols and rifles, or shrapnel damage from grenades and other explosives.

The S-Class variant has an emergency air supply to shield occupants from smoke or gas that may build up in the car. The car also has a fire extinguisher system and panic alarm that could help in tricky situations.

This S600 will be hard to separate from other models in the range as it has the same lights and bumpers as other models. However, the wheels are a good giveaway, with tall run-flat tyres that should prove resistant to punctures and other hazards.

As with other S-Class models, owners can choose from a number of interior options that include reclining seats, business consoles and a comfort package that warms all surfaces passengers meet.

The S-Class is powered by a V12 engine, which will churn out plenty of bhp, though it is limited to 125mph and the weight of its armour should make for much slower acceleration than that offered by the regular S600 sedan.

Armoured rivals including the Audi A8, BMW 7-Series and Jaguar XJ will be key rivals for the S600. These cars are defiantly suited for wealthy people looking to splash some cash!

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