Tuesday 3 November 2015

Big Motoring World Reviews Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo


The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show has paved the way for Mercedes-Benz’ new concept, the Vision Tokyo. Big Motoring World take a closer look into the model, and consider the potential of the latest Benz.

The Vision Tokyo has been described as a “trailblazing spatial experience” and features a lounge-like five-seat interior in a fully electric vehicle.

Concept and style

It’s capable of autonomous driving and continues the recent Merc concept, of which first came the Vision Ener-G-Force (2012). That was followed by the AMG Vision Gran Turismo (2013) and later the G-Code (2014). 

The upward swinging side door allows for five passengers to enter the Vision Tokyo, greeted by an oval-shaped couch rather than conventional rows of seats. It’s designed so that with the car in autonomous driving mode they are able to relax or access the internet via large, wrap-around LED screens, without having to worry about the roads in front. The windshield is also unconventional, as it looks similar to a glazed cockpit of a speedboat rather than a car.


The hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric drive system is based on the F-Cell plug-in hybrid driveline of the F 015 Luxury in Motion and combines the on-board generation of electricity with a compact high-voltage battery that can be charged contactless via induction.

Mercedes claims a range of 608 miles, 120 battery-powered and the rest from the electricity produced in the fuel cell. The Tokyo Show 2015 opened to the public at the end of October.

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