Friday 17 October 2014

The top 9 causes of auto breakdown in the winter


While ice, snow and conditions both soggy and cold are the worst possible circumstances for a breakdown, winter means a higher incidence of car trouble. More drivers find themselves stuck by the side of the road with an ailing auto between the months of October and February than any other time of the year. Winter- related breakdown causes a rise in roadside assistance programmes, like breakdown cover from the AA. Whether you are likely to call the pros for help or fix the underlying problem yourself, its best to be prepared for the very real possibilities of car trouble this winter. We’ll discuss the most common causes for immobile auto-mobiles, as well as some less frequently seen concerns.

Battery issues are the leading cars of winter car trouble, year in and year out. Nearly half of all breakdowns result from battery problems. By having your battery routinely checked (a free service in many parts of the world), you can make this difficulty much less likely to emerge at the worst possible time.

Minor accidents and fender benders are the second most common cause of finding oneself suddenly stranded on the road. This is true in the winter because conditions are more dangerous for driving. If you routinely experience ice and snow, or simply anticipate roads that are often wet, make sure you are prepared to drive in these conditions like these can be surprised by them suddenly, resulting in more accidents because people don’t know how to handle the conditions.
The third most common cause is blown out tyres. Keep your tires filled and replace them as necessary. See that your tyre is fit for the conditions you drive upon. Properly maintained, tyres last longer and perform much better than tyres that are improperly filled or are created for different road surfaces than they are commonly driven on.

The next most common breakdown causes are not as immediately obvious as the previous three. Electrical, mechanical, drive and cooling systems are the site of multitude of potential problems. By personally maintaining your car, or hiring a professional to do it for you, you can eliminate many issues before they turn into crises on the road. Sudden system failures can be very dangerous, especially when moving at a high speed. In this way, maintenance pays in the useable life of your vehicle, in damage and insurance costs, and in your own health and health of others. Don’t let a lurking systemic problem leave you broken down on the side of the road this winter.

The 8th and 9th most common causes for roadside breakdown and easily avoided, but common nonetheless. Locking the keys inside the car and running out of gas are a sudden inconvenience to thousands of drivers every year. It has happened to all of us, and the solution is simple. If you have trouble keeping up with these, leave reminders for yourself or develop some other system.

While other breakdown causes come up from time to time, these are the most statistically likely. For those of us without exhaustive mechanical knowledgeable, roadside assistance services bring peace of mind on the road. On top of this, regular maintenance and the exercise of common sense can make a big difference in keeping you on the road without trouble most or all of the time. We wish you safely and reliability on the road this winter.

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