Friday 1 August 2014

The Toyota GT86 rally car is here!


The Toyota GT86 CS-R3 is going rallying at the end of the month, which will be the cars debut run at the Rallye Deutschland, the ninth round of the 2014 WRC. Toyota Motorsport is making its first appearance back to rallying since the 90s. In those days Toyota used to use their Celica’s and Corollas to race back in the 80s and 90s.

The GT 86 CS-R3 will not be competing at the event but will be used as the official ‘pathfinder’ car. This means that it will be driven through each stage first to do a safety test ahead of the rest of the field.

This is a big milestone for TGM. The car will be driven by two times women’s world rally champion Isolode Hodleried, who will test the newly modified and slidey GT86.

This R3 class allows the 2.0litre boxer engine to be tuned up, so that it will be producing 250bhp, due to the3 cam compression changes. It will also be given a six speed sequential gearbox, limited slip diff, and light weight safety cage, tailor made wiring looms and motorsport ECUs, and tarmac/gravel specific suspension kits.

This CS-R3 will be available in kit form from early next year. The price is to be announced when the final specs have been, finalized. So don’t miss out!

P.S Good to see a Toyota back on the muddy stuff!!

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