Friday 1 August 2014

The BMW X5 eDrive


The X5 eDrive will be one of the first mainstream BMW’s to have the plug-in-hybrid technology. This X5 is going on sale later this year and is estimated to be priced around £55,000 and is also promising more than 70mpg.

This X5 will be using the latest Twin power, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine while running alongside an electric motor. The X5 eDrive can drive up to 18 miles on just the electric motor, whilst still being able to reach 60mph in under seven seconds but limited to 75mph in full electric mode, while with the petrol engine it will be able to reach a respectable 155mph.

This car, due to the extra weight of the batteries is obviously heavier than the original X5 models however, it has been hinted that the eDrive will only weigh in between 250 and 300kg heavier than the X5’s without the battery system.

The external appearance of the eDrive is not changing much. The few changes are only, a plug-in socket on the front left wing, a few eDrive badge. The interior changes are only a few more buttons to activate the full electric mode, but otherwise it looks and feels like a normal X5.

When you set of in the eDrive, a new display reveals exactly where the power is coming from and which wheels it’s being delivered to. The petrol engine is in red, and the electric motor is blue. As far as the recovery system, it’s down to the driver how severe you want the energy recovery to be, simply by choosing different driving modes. When you put it in sport mode, the eDrive feels genuinely fast, with both sources working together.

BMW’s xDrive system splits the torque via the four-wheel drive system to each wheel. BMW are working to keep the eDrive’s handling sharp and responsive, and working on keeping a 50:50 weight distribution. The off-road capabilities may not be top priority but being able to tow could be. The eDrive will be able to pull the same 3,500kg load as any X5, excluding the 25d model.

One drawback of the new plug-in system is that some of the storage space in the boot is lost due to the batteries, having to be housed underneath the boots floor. There is a small storage space under the boot floor but only really big enough to hold a charging cable.

BMW has managed to retain most of the characteristics of the original X5 despite the new hi-tech power train.

This X5 eDrive is one step towards the future of battery powered cars. So if you want to be a part of this massive change to automotive travel then be ready for the X5 eDrive!!

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