Wednesday 30 July 2014

The fabulous X2 launching in 2017


BMW are launching the long-time rumoured X2 which is due to go on sale some time in 2017.

The X2 will underpin the new Mini, 2 Series Active Tourer and not forgetting the 2016 BMW X1. The X2 will hold some features of these cars such as the choice of having it with front wheel drive or four-wheel-drive.

The design of this new BMW is aiming to combine elegance and fiery looks to create a sharp but easy on the eye exterior view.  The design will include a slopping roof-line, beefed up wheel arches, as well as trying to add in rounded and narrowed headlights and a new enlarged double kidney grill.

The X2’s power will come from a large range of engines, three and four-cylinder. At smaller end of the range you can find the 1.5 litre turbo petrol, and at the top end you will find a performance X2, housing a 2.0 litre four-cylinder, 300bhp monster.

This top range model is set to rival the Audi RS Q3 and the Mercedes GLA 45 AMG.

The future for this car is very bright already, but BMW are going above and beyond to produce a plug-in hybrid version of this car, which is expected to achieve an astonishing 100mpg plus.

So, don’t miss this up and coming opportunity to be able to own one of these great machines! Keep an eye out for the date that it goes on sale, and don’t hold back when it does!!

By David Carr

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