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BMW have hinted at a new M2 that will start being produced in November 2015 and go on sale from March 2016. If all goes to plan BMW will be announcing its arrival in summer 2015 which will be swiftly followed by a press test drive.

This BMW is based roughly on the M235i racing car with its exterior design feature. The unique designing starts with the aggressive front fascia and the rear spoiler, and to get rid of the waste products the signature M four-exhaust pipes.

The M2 is most likely going to be using the new chassis technology found in the M3 and M4.

The BMW M2 prototype was housing an updated version of the N55 twin power 3.0 litre engine, and is going to be able to run with not only a manual or automatic transmission, but with both. The engine is predicted to turn out around 360-380bhp which is more than the current M235i (340).

The M2 is expected to surpass the highly listed 1M. The M2 should deliver amazing dynamics and handling and should be a great competitor to even the most recognised and power filled M3 and M4.

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