Monday 2 June 2014

The NEW Mercedes C Class


The C Class...

"Less of a sports car and more of a smaller S class…"

The new Mercedes C class is due to arrive in the UK THIS MONTH!!         

Mercedes have said to have moved away from the whole sports car feel and have opted for style and comfort similar to the S class.

With four-link suspension and optional full air suspension, the new C class, swallows up the road and spits it back out again with very little turbulence. From other reviews, it has also been brought to light that the new C class is quieter too. With the engine being better subdued, even when the engine is put under pressure, it glides along the road with less of a roar that you’d expect; especially for a car with 204bhp!

 The new C Class is designed to be an automatic, 2.1 litter diesel car with a 0 to 62mph in 6.6 seconds. Impressive I think you’ll agree!  With aspects stolen from the E Class to add that touch of elegance it’s shaping up to make waves in the prestige car realm.

With the arrival date set to be later this June and prices starting from £26,855, we can’t wait to get our hand on one and take it for a spin! 

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