Monday 12 May 2014

Mercedes-Benz Reveal Plans for G-Class overhaul due in 2017


With the new Land Rover Defender due in 2017, Mercedes- Benz will reportedly release a major update to its G-Class around the same time in order to keep the competition between them alive. While the Land Rover will be an all new model, with new styling, engines and underpinnings, the Mercedes G-Class is only reportedly expected to have an update, although the changes to the vehicle are said to be so extensive they could be considered as a re-design. 
Reports revealed by insiders to Drive, reports that engineers are focused on improving the G-Class’s stability, both on and off the road. We are expecting to see a wider track, made necessary by wider wheels and new suspension designed to boost interior space.
Below is an image of the current Mercedes-Benz G-Class:
Below is an image of the concept of the G-Class due to be released in 2017:

The updated G-Class will also benefit from Mercedes-Benz latest tech, including electronic power-steering, new driver assistance features and the latest in connectivity and infotainment. Apparently the 2012’s Ener-G-Force concept car will influence some of the vehicle’s exterior styling, although the classic boxy look will remain.


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