Friday 16 May 2014

What to expect when buying a used car


Purchasing a new car is something we all go through at some point. Depending on what you are looking for and your budget you may opt to purchase a car brand new or buy a pre-owned vehicle either privately or through a dealer.

What is entailed and what you receive when purchasing a car from main dealer differs from when you purchase a car from a used car dealer. This blog is going to take you through a few pointers so you know exactly where you are when buying a used car.

Do I get car mats with my used vehicle?
Although car mats will be provided with a car when it is bought brand new used vehicles more often don’t come with car mats as they are removed by the previous owner! It’s always a good idea to ask the sales man if the car comes with mats and if it does not you have plenty of time to purchase a set that you like!

Does my vehicle come with a spare key?
More often than not, no! Used vehicles come with one working key for the car. Once in a blue moon though a spare key may be provided and the dealer is therefore obliged to provide it for you.

Can I expect a tank of fuel in my car?
For safety and insurance purposes it is specified that the fuel levels in all cars (kept on a car sales or collection site) are kept as low as possible. There will always be enough fuel to get you to the nearest petrol station where you can fill up and enjoy your new car!

Does the car come with a vehicle handbook/owners guide/owner’s manual?
If the handbook is in the vehicle when it is delivered from auction then the dealer is obligated to provide it. Although this not may be the case. If the manual is not in the car when it is delivered a new manual will need to be purchased if it is something you require. 

Is the car provided with tax?
No! It’s the responsibility of each individual to tax their vehicle after purchase. All you require is the green slip on the V5 and a valid MOT certificate and the Post Office will provide you a tax disc.

Where is the SATNAV disk?
If SATNAV is one of your requirements it’s worth checking that the needed disc is included in the deal. This is because SATNAV discs are not provided with the vehicle and you may need to purchase one.

Does my vehicle come with a service book?
The service book is the same as the owner’s manual. If it is provided at the time of delivery then the dealer will pass it on! If not, one can be bought and re-stamped by the previous dealers that serviced the car.

We hope this information helps and you now know what to expect when buying a used car. 

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