Wednesday 9 April 2014

Run Flat Tyres.


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A question we get asked quite frequently is: "What are run flat tyres?"
Well in this blog we plan to answer your question.

What are run flats?
Run flats tyres are used by prestige car manufactures such as BMW and Mercedes on their more recent models of cars. The run flat tyre is designed to resist deflation after encoring a puncture. This enables the drive to drive for a short distance, at a moderate speed to the next garage to have the tyre replaced.

How do run flats work?
Inside the tyre, there is a thickened rubber side-wall. If the tyre becomes punctured the rubber side-wall is designed to support the weight of the vehicle enabling the vehicle to continue in motion for up to 50 miles at 50 miles per hour. If the vehicle is however driven at a faster speed for a longer distance irreparable damage can be done to the tyre- so take it easy!

Although run flat tyres are not a standard specification on BMWs and Mercedes they are handy to have. If your vehicle has not got run flat tyres, we suggest opting for a spare wheel or carrying a foam kit. This will enable to inflate the tyres after a puncture so you can get your vehicle to a garage.

 Do you think it’s worth having run flat tyres on your vehicle? Let us know your thoughts!

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