Tuesday 22 April 2014

NO More Write-offs!!!!


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Auto-Trade has recently announced its new plans to highlight and car being sold on its website which has been involved in a category C or D insurance write off. This follows an agreement to use Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud and Theft Register data in an automated process on all dealers advertised stock.
All cars involved in this will be highlighted with a yellow circle displaying either the letter C or D, the icon will be present on every page which is listing the car, and this will include searches via a mobile device. The prominent icon will also benefit consumers, delivering a message of caution enabling them to make a fully informed decision about the vehicle they intend to buy. Even though category C or D write-offs are not necessarily unsafe or beyond repair Auto-Trader said it is encouraging dealers to provide as much information as they can about the cars condition.
Many buyers are always unclear about what each category means so the icon can be hovered over to reveal further information. When the term ‘’written off’’ is applied to cars that suffer accident damage which are not repaired at an insurance company’s expense. Each car is assigned a rating from A to D. Category A and B cars are destined only for scrap, the accident damage being so severe that they are deemed unsafe to be allowed back on the road. Auto-Trader will not list category A or B anywhere on their site. Category C write-offs can return to the road following repairs to significant damage, however the cost to repair is more that the value of the care, so is not economically viable for the insurer. Category D write-offs have also suffered damage and, albeit repairs won’t exceed the car’s value, the total costs in settling a claim are deemed excessively high.

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