Friday 3 January 2014

Weather Warnings!


Hello Bloggers,

As you’re probably aware, the weather isn't the best and there are weather warnings being issued across the board- not the best way to start the New Year is it?

Kent is being issued with a weather warning for high-force winds and rain! We just wanted to say, drive carefully if you’re out and about and here are a few tips to help you get from A to B safely:

1)      Keep both hands on the wheel at all times- Keeping two hands on the steering wheel at all times will help you keep the car steady and counteract any gusts that push your car off course.

2)      If they get too close, fall back- I think we all do it, when we want to change lanes a see a gap that just might be big enough for our car we pull into it. In strong winds or with wet conditions, cars can be blown/thrown into your path. Stay alert and fall back, leave enough room for reaction time.

3)      Watch out for flying debris- There may be twigs, branches and loose litter in the roads that have blown off. If the wind is strong enough there could be all sorts blowing about on the roads. Drive at a slower, safer speed and keep your eyes peeled!

4)      Always carry a mobile phone- In-case there is an emergency, it is always wise to have a (fully charged) mobile phone to call for help. 

Drive safe and have a great weekend!

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