Monday 23 December 2013

Our expansion reaches its final stage!


Hello Bloggers, 

As Christmas day draws ever closer, our building expansion enters its final phase ready for the New Year.
We've been quite keen to keep you all updated with its progress as it happens so, here is the latest on our Addington Expansion.

 These are going to be the new training rooms. This is where our new staff members will be trained to ensure excellent customer service. Very swish I think you'd agree!

The stairwell is almost there, just one last lick of paint and a quick clean of the stairs and we’re ready for business.

Here is our main room. The reception desk is going to be going in as soon as the finishing touches have been added. The tables and chairs are in and ready to go.

This is the children’s play area. It has its own TV, already installed. All we need to do now, is to get the soft sofas, toys and games console- we’re up for a game!

The customer advisor's room is almost there. Their desks should be here soon! This will also play home to our dedicated call centre! 

Here is another view of the main room with its tables and chairs. Looks bigger here doesn't it!

This is going to be the new disabled toilets with baby change. 

Final touches being put in, you can even see our forecourt in the background!

These two room are private consultation rooms for customers where they can discuss their thoughts and ask any other questions to our customer advisor's. 

We're really excited to open our new expansion in the New Y ear and we hope to see you there!

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