Wednesday 3 December 2014

The Two Apprentices Working For Big Motoring World...


We currently have two apprentices working for Big Motoring World....

  • Amir Ali - Motor vehicle technician
  • Beth Lloyd - Marketing and media administrator

My name is Amir Ali, i'm 20 years old. I'm currently doing an apprenticeship with Big Motoring World. I'm sharing my time between Big Motoring World and North West Kent college. I've been at college now for 3 years studying Motor Vehicle and have been working at Big Motoring World for one year as a Motor Vehicle Technician.

My job role is a Retail Technician, which means I deal with all the retail cars that come into Big Motoring World.

The different challenges I have to deal with on a day to day basis are dealing with jobs that require high skills.

The type of decisions I make are to keep within the time I have been provided to deal with the situation I'm dealing with and to also complete each job to be best of my capability.

I was interested in joining Big Motoring World because I had heard that they are a very successful business, which I wanted to be a part of to show them what I am capable of and to let them see the me succeed to the best of my abilities. It was also a good way for me to learn new skills within the trade, from a very young age Motor Mechanics has been a big passion of mine as I was pretty much brought up around it.

What motivates me in doing what I do is knowing that I will be learning new skills so I can have better opportunities for the future.

managing my work life with my social life is easy as I only work part time so the days I don't work  can do my college work then socialise with my friends and family.

My plans for the future is of course to be still working with cars, however I would like to own or be an important manager for a big motoring business, also I would like to be able to build a once in a life time special edition car.

My name is Beth Lloyd, I'm 17 years old. I'm currently doing a Full Time apprenticeship with Big Motoring World.

My job role is Marketing and Media administrator, which means I advertise cars on the website, check the salesman stock list, write blogs and I deal with social media.

The different kinds of challenges I have to deal with on a day to day basis is working under pressure, and managing to keep in the deadlines for what I've been provided to do.

As I'm currently doing an apprenticeship I don't really have to make any serious decisions, however in the near future once I've completed my NVQ and my apprenticeship then I will be starting to make decisions on my own to carry out.

Believe it or not I actually got this apprenticeship by covering for my cousin doing his paper round. however I have heard that Big Motoring World was a very successful company, so I am happy that I have been given an opportunity to become a member of their team.

What motivates me doing what I do is knowing that if I don't work hard and try my best in everything that I do, I wont be able to fill out my plans for my future.

Managing my work life and social life is pretty easy as I work Monday to Friday, so I have the weekend to chill out and socialise with friends and family.

The plans I have for my future is to become a fully qualified paramedic, or a successful business women, owning different companies all round the world.

By Beth Lloyd

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