Thursday 30 October 2014

The Nissan Juke Evolves


Nissan were responsible for creating a while new class within the automotive market. The Juke initiated the start of the supermini SUV models, which then sparked the introduction of further competition for Nissan. Following the date the Juke took to market, the likes of the Vauxhall Mokka, Ford Eco Sport and Mini Countryman all became entrants to the same category in a bid to compete with the Nissan Juke and take advantage of their growing sales- surprising, as the offerings the Juke can give in terms of functionalities and spec are somewhat intimidating to other operators in the automotive industry.

The Juke is recognised on the roads for its charming looks and is characterised by its quirky facial features that give it expression when on the roads. Its slender exterior is enhanced by the comprehensive range of styling options that come available, giving the user the ability to take personalisation that next step further. The unique customisation aspect is what sets Nissan aside from its competitors as the user can tailor their vehicle to suit individual preferences.

Alloy wheels come available as either 17 or 18 inch in size and there is a versatile range of colours and finishes that can complement your wheel choice. Door handles and wing mirrors can all be customised with contrasting colours to the one selected for the main body of the car, and the Juke can offer headlamp finishers that bring out the volume and depth of the front fog lights.

This personalised theme can continue into the cabin, as again Nissan are offering many different colour options and schemes that can create an ambience and set the mood for the interior of the car; these offerings include personalising the interior inserts, centre console and velour mats. Internally, state of the art technology includes an infotainment system featured on the centre console situated between the driver and front passenger that is inclusive of SAT NAV, Bluetooth and phone connectivity and also displays a parking camera, lane departure system, blind spot warning system and moving object detection. But even more impressive is the Nissan Connect that acts as your smartphones best friend; allowing you to use Facebook, Twitter and many more applications.
When it comes to engine size, there are five different versions available in the Juke but only one diesel- that being 1.5 litre. The petrol engines available in the Juke range from 1.2 to 1.6 litre, with a turbo version also available; all offer a punchy performance and consistent handling, allowing drivers to feel confident behind the wheel.

The Nissan Juke also scores highly in terms of practicality as is boasts great carrying capacity and generous amounts of cabin space. This allows the vehicle to cater for a wide range of the automotive audience as it is the perfect contrast between a sporty drive and a spacious family car.

Retailing between £13,420 and £23,750, the Nissan Juke brings a huge offering to potential buyers. Whatever styling packages you choose for your motor, you can be sure to turn heads on the road due to the bold exterior the Juke has.

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