Tuesday 21 October 2014

BMW M says: “We would love an M supercar”


The topic BMW M supercar comes to front once again. Years and years of debate and speculations and no BMW M supercar seem to be in sight.
The latest report from AutoExpress UK comes to confirm what our sources have said for years: the M division wants a supercar, some clay models were already built, but no business case was able to receive the approval from the board members.
For the UK outlet, Carsten Priest, head of product development at the M performance division, says a supercar to rival the Audi R8 and Mercedes-AMG GT is highly desirable, but hugely expensive.

“If you called any of the 550 employees at BMW M and said you’d pick up the cost for this project, we would always say: ‘Yes, let’s go for it right away,” says Priest. “But larger companies have to see the overall context. We always have more ideas than budget is made available – we have to see which priorities will be decided upon.”
A BMW spokesman revealed also that as a rule of thumb a brand new model costs 1 billion euros to develop, whereas the i3 and i8 were more like 2 billion each.
“We have to be forward thinking, the decision has been made to establish BMW i, including an i8 supercar type of model in its line-up and that’s obviously a huge investment that’s been made,” Priest added.
But he also left the door open for 2016 when BMW celebrates its 100th anniversary, a date that we heard in the past it might concise with the launch of an exciting BMW car.

“I still remember the days of the M1. It was 36 years ago that the car was introduced,” added Priest. “The question is at what time do you need something to reactivate what you’ve established?”
When pressed to chat about the BMW M1 Hommage Concept, Priest added:  “The name clearly indicates what the primary purpose was, it was not meant to twist anybody’s arm.”
“I was excited for us to see what the reaction was like and it was overwhelmingly positive, but noone at M is surprised. Everyone would be ready, they would probably even do this in their spare time if the project order was given.”
While none of these are really news, these words give us hope that BMW will once again be competitive at the supercar level and show the world why they believe “M Is The Most Powerful Letter In The World.”

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