Tuesday 19 August 2014

Times Are Changing- BMW i3 and TATRA 603


BMW had the chance to showcase a somewhat unusual photo shoot depicting two cars that are generations apart, but similar in its shape and form. 

These cars are the BMW i3 and a Tatra 603G V8.

Now you may ask yourselves what does the Tatra 603 actually have in common with the modern and technological filled BMW i3? These two cars are showing us how the technology and the world have developed over the years. It also emphasizes the development of car culture, civilization in general all, combined with technology breakthroughs that was impacted by sociological and economical changes from then to now. Whatever you may say, progress is sometimes best described by showcasing two similar things from completely different times. In my opinion, both are serving a purpose in showing us what time affords us in both design, manufacturing and development of the car industry overall. The differences between these two beautiful cars is a true showcase of where the future will go.

 By Millie Davis

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