Tuesday 19 August 2014

Did You Know BMW Built An M8 Supercar?


Back in 2010, it was roumered that BMW had baught out an M8 super car. Now its came true!. The M8 was seen at a private event at the BMW Museum in Munich where for the first time, the company was unveiling their electric mobility plans and the i sub-brand. A clear contrast between a super powerful sportscar and a megacity vehicle.

A big V12 (likely larger than 5.0L of the 850/850CSi) is nestled under the bulging hood of this supercar. The engine carries with it 12 individual throttle bodies connected to the driver’s right foot. Interestingly, one of the biggest misconceptions of the M8 is that it shares an engine with the record shattering McLaren F1 as it was around the same time as the development of the M8 that McLaren commissioned BMW to build a very power V12 to power their supercar – after being denied by Honda.

Gliding down the flanks of the prototype the coupe carries the same wide hips of the 850CSI with a widebody kit modified to accommodate better cooling of the brakes and it’s believed to also used to channel air as a means of cooling the rear differential. While we don’t have exact figures, the rear wheels are quite wide to keep the big coupe planted in the twisties.

With all of these considerations – it’s easy to say the M8 was possibly the great M car never sold.
The M8 Prototype is a car that represents BMW M at its absolute peak during the early 1990′s – M GmbH, after just a small handful of successes like the E30 M3 and E28 M5. They knew they had another success on their hands but the M8 was to become a victim of timing – a car decades ahead of its time but undeniable in its nature and potential abilities.
It’s a shame that BMW couldn’t find a means in which which to bring the M8 to the masses, but maybe there is hope in the future.

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