Wednesday 27 August 2014

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BMW currently has over 9 million fans on Facebook.
In 2013, social media analytics tools show that 38 percent of consumers would take a look on the car dealership’s  social media pages before they purchase a car.
Millennials are without a doubt the most engaged demographic on social media and are the most active and willing to share content.
A recent survey carried out by Inside Facebook highlighted that 81 percent of millennials are active on Facebook with an average amount of 250 friends, statistics that far exceed those of other generations.

The automotive industry has begun to fully embrace social media. From automakers to car shows and automotive vendors and even us here at Big Motoring World, everyone sees the potential to not only connect with their fans but also drive sales.
By engaging with Facebook and other online networks, the car companies can publicise, for free for the most part, their products. The companies also look at the millennials as the next generation young professionals and future clients, so long-term relationships are needed to build trust and loyalty.

Big Motoring World along with BMW have also been successful to engage with car fans through our own social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube.

By Millie Davis

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