Thursday 14 August 2014

Death of the tax disc... learn the rules or face a £1,000 fine!


The tax disc was originally introduced in 1921 and was used to prove that the owner of the vehicle had paid their road tax. From the 1st of October the paper tax disc will cease to exist and will be replaced by an electronic system.

The idea of this was to streamline the whole tax system and make it easier to tax a vehicle via the official DVLA website.

Although this system will be easier there will be rules with it. If consumers don’t learn the rules or break them there could be a £1,000 fine!

Under the new rules, motorists will have to register their vehicle online to pay tax and if the car has not been registered for tax the car will be caught out by number-plate recognition camera which track all vehicles on the road.

One of the downside to this new system is that if someone is to buy a used vehicle any remaining time on the tax does not count! The new vehicle owner will have to register the car with the DVLA and re-purchase the tax. The previous owner will be automatically refunded for any outstanding months left on the tax disc.

The seller of the vehicle is also responsible for letting the DVLA know of the change of ownership by filling in a V5C form and sending back to the DVLA. If this is not done there could also be a £1000 fine.

So, although there are a few draw-backs to the new tax system it will most defiantly make our car windscreens look cleaner! What do you think of the new rules coming into play in October? 

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