Wednesday 16 April 2014

Roll up, roll up. Come and get your Easter egg!


Hello bloggers, 

Who doesn't love Easter? We do here and the Easter bunny has paid us an early visit!

Over the Easter weekend, we will be providing all of our customers that pay us a visit and purchase a car an Easter egg.

So we took a trip to purchase all of our lovely customers an Easter Egg.  After 15 minutes in the shop and quite a few questionable looks this is what our trolleys looked like:

After this, we decided that another trolley was needed so, off we went! After filling up the three and a half  trolleys we proceeded to push them through the shop. Some of the comments we received made our day. Some of which were:
“You must have a sweet tooth”
“You guys sure have a big family”
“Look mum, it’s the Easter bunny but where are her ears?”

After getting them through the check out, we had to load them into the car and this is what it looked like:

Take a guess at how may Easter eggs we got into our car?

After getting the eggs back on site we got the ladies at reception dressed in their bunny ears all ready for the Easter weekend.

So, come one down this weekend, browse our cars and grab yourself an Easter Egg. Let us know how many Easter eggs you think we have at @BigMotoring and our Facebook page:

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