Wednesday 11 December 2013

Driving safely in the fog.


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If you leave the house pretty early for work, the last few days you would have noticed the foggy and icy weather creeping in.
Although it’s not icy enough yet to affect the roads, the fog poses a bit more of a threat to our driving so, here are a few tips to help keep you safe while driving in the fog.

  1. Be aware of other drivers- This one is pretty simple, just be aware of other drivers on the road, especially the ones that have forgotten to switch their headlights on!
  2. Dipped Headlights- Keep your dipped headlights on at all times. This will increase visibility for you, and keep other drivers alert of your presence.
  3. Fog Light consistency- If there are street-lights on the road, the need for fog lights won’t be as great. However, wait for a long period of consistency in visibility before switching your fog lights off as switching them on and off all the time can cause confusion for other drivers.
  4. Use your window- At a junction; if you can’t see, wind your window down and listen for oncoming traffic. When you think it is safe, emerge from the junction slowly as this will give the other drivers a better chance of spotting your vehicle.
  5.  Three second rule- Fog can reduce driver’s visibility so make sure you increase the distance from the car in front by following the three second rule. (The three second rule: pick a stationery object, let the car in front pass this object. You should then be able to count three clear seconds before you pass the same stationery object)
  6. Mirror Check- Every time you slow down, check your mirrors to make yourself aware of the motorists around you.
  7. Safe speed- Drive at the speed that the road allows for. You don’t always need to drive at the speed limit, driving just below it will increase reaction time.
So there you have it, a few tips to help keep you safe in the fog! 

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