Thursday 14 May 2015

Mobile banking – literally: Big Motoring World reviews


Polish based bank, IdeaBank, has developed a portable ATM Machine, built in the back of a BMW i3. The thinking is that the public will be able to get cash deposits anywhere they need it, by a simple phone call.


Pop-up restaurants, bars and festivals are the primary aim of this idea, so people won’t have to walk to the bank for some much-needed cash. And business owners will also be able to safely drop off their takings rather than walking to the bank with a day’s takings, or leaving it on the property overnight.


The service is free-of-charge and the BMW i3 models are fully electric so won’t damage the environment. Once you download the IdeaBank app, you can signal for an ATM machine to come to you at a certain time and place; the fastest, easiest way to deposit your cash on the way out of the office!

The same safety procedure is being applied as with the safety deposit vans which transport banks’ money, so it’s a secure, quick and easy way which could be the future of the world’s ATM machines.

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