Wednesday 29 April 2015

Big Motoring World Reviews: BMW 2 Series Convertible


Summer has arrived, so what more could you ask for than a convertible, classy and stylish BMW 2 Series? Big Motoring World digs deeper than the surface.

This car does all the sensible stuff with a big helping of style and fun. The engines available are a direct carry over from the coupe range – as anyone who’s ever driven a two-door tin top will tell you, that’s a very good thing.


It records 7.5 seconds for the sprint to 62mph and hits a top speed of 144mph. Press the Sport button and the steering weight up; the throttle responses sharpen. Press the button once more and you'll find Sport+, which partially separates the stability control and offers an even sharper throttle pedal.
The BMW’s front end features a broad kidney grille, with swept up side skirts, some deeply-surfaced flanks and tight overhangs towards the back. It’s a rear-wheel drive which is emphasised by the wide design at the rear wheel arches.

Inside, it’s got an improved build quality with substantial stylish plastic throughout. BMW's much-improved iDrive system features and now features a higher definition 6.5 inch flat screen.
Prices start at around £30,000 and the competition in this sector has become a bit hotter of late, with Audi launching its vastly improved A3 Convertible. The BMW is slightly different in that it’s more about style that speed. The hood operation is the best in its category and the effectiveness of the air con and stereo are exactly what you would expect from a luxury sports car.


To go from Coupe to Convertible, BMW have done as remarkable job as could be expected. It looks like the stylish Coupe with the roof up, yet it’s sleek and clean with the roof down. Overall, it will take some beating to maintain your sleek streak in the BMW 2 Series on the roads this summer.

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