Wednesday 12 November 2014

Driving home for Christmas


If the journey home for the holidays is a bit of a hike, you’re probably thinking about catching a train of, if home is at the other end of the country, even a plane. Quite likely, if the trip is a long one, the most favorable strategy will be to ‘get someone else to do the driving’.
However, there’s no need to spell out that relying on somebody else to get you from A to B has its own set of stresses. There can be delays, cancellations or you may find yourself sat next to a noisy or irritating passenger; just the mention of the word airports and your blood pressure could rise!

Plain sailing
Even if you have driven to a location several times before you can still feel panicky about the journey especially if it’s a long one.
There are several ways of being in control during a trip home though. Getting your hands on one of the fabulous and economical sat navs currently available in the market will mean that there’s a competent, cool, calm and collected guide with you every mile of the way. It’s almost like having your own map reader in the front seat with you.
It has been proven that sat nav devices reduce driver stress considerably and for a long journey, the lower the tension levels the better.
Planning set stops, treating yourself to some in-car entertainment like music can also make the trip stress free.

Lower fuel costs
Believe it or not by having a sat nav in your car this Christmas you will reduce your fuel costs considerably. It is a well-known fact during Christmas the roads are always busy with people travelling far and wide to see family and friends. Some of the latest gadgets come with a live traffic report so you are guaranteed to only use the best and quickest route.

Explore without getting lost

Travelling to see that member of the family who has just moved? It can be scary travelling to unknown places around Christmas when the weather is guaranteed to be pretty bad. With the use of a sat nav in your car, you don’t have that fear of getting lost as it has the canny ability to always navigate you in the right direction.

Here's a quick song to get you in the Christmas spirit:

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