Thursday 16 October 2014

The NEW Girl working for Big Motoring World


My name is Bethane Lloyd I’m 17years old. While I was studying Public Services at MidKent College I had a paper round which I had 19 papers to deliver, I was then asked to deliver 4 papers and a magazine to the Big Motoring World Group which I took on as it gave me £3 more each week. I was in my second week of delivering to the Big Motoring World Group and on Wednesday 27th August while I was delivery the papers a man shouted at me asking "what was I doing?" I replied "I have your papers and magazine, I’m the papergirl" I then asked who the man was he told me he was the owner and his name was Peter. We stood talking for about 10 minutes. Peter then introduced me to another man who was getting out of his car; his name was Roger.

Peter then told me that Roger was going to give me an interview on Friday 29th August at 12 noon and with that I said thank you to both men and I left I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my mum what had just happened.     

OMG today is Friday and I have my very first job interview I printed off my CV to take with me I arrived at the BIG MOTORING WORLD Group showroom 15 minutes early. I was very nervous. Roger came to meet me and led me into his office. Roger then said don’t bulls**t me, tell me the truth with your answers to all my questions and with that I nervously handed over my CV for Roger to read.

I was shaking bad where I was so nervous. Roger kept telling me to calm down and breathe, he then asked me have I any disabilities to which I replied I have Irlens which basically means I struggle to read  black print on white paper and I also suffer with Dyscalculia which is where I struggle to remember lots of numbers at once unless I can write them down. Roger then replied "thank you for your honesty". The rest of the interview was a blur, all I can remember is being told by Roger that I have the job and I was to start work on Monday 1st September at 8.30am. I sat there in total shock and still shaking Roger asked for my mums phone number so he could phone my mum to tell her that I had been given the job and what hours I would be working and other details.


So here I am working in an office with Roger as an Administrator for Big Motoring World Group. I have made several friends while being here I enjoy working with them all.

I have always been told that you make your own luck through life and it’s not what you know but that you know and nothing is handed to you on a plate. Well whatever way you look at it whether you’re a pessimist or an optimist, that Wednesday was lucky for me and I was definitely in the right place at the right time. I was lucky that Peter and Roger believed in me.

By Beth Lloyd

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