Tuesday 14 October 2014

2015 BMW X6 test Drive by TOP GEAR


So everyone’s heard about ‘TOP GEAR’ well they took the new 2015 BMW X6 for a spin. Sam Philip tests the second-generation sports activity coupe to find out whether the car is as good as everybody was hoping.

Top gear outlines the subtle changes from the older generation along with the increase in size and decrease in fuel consumption. Main focus of the review is the X6’s dynamic capabilities, driving style and overall satisfaction with the bulky SAC. “The big lad drives quite unlike a two-tonne SUV and quite like a seriously grippy sports saloon. No matter how rowdily you chuck the X6 about, there’s virtually no body roll, and quite extraordinary reserves of grip and composure.” – Sam Philip, Top Gear.

The new BMW X6 left a good impression on the UK journalist who compares the F16 X6 with the slightly smaller Porsche Macan:
“The X6 perhaps feels a little bit less mechanical, less hands-on than Porsche’s Macan or Cayenne (the GTS at least), but it’s every devastatingly effective.”
“Assessing engines alone, both are crackers, but the 50d’s claimed 43mpg against the 50i’s 29mpg is enough to swing the deal. It’s a stellar diesel, quick to rev and capable of serving up a genuine gut-punch of power. Even so, we might advise holding out for the arrival of the 254bhp/413ib ft X6 30d next year, expected to comprise the vast majority of UK sales and likely offering the smartest blend of economy – BMW quotes a potential 47mpg – and shove.”

So does the new BMW X6 live up to is hype? – Top Gear concludes that the market needs a premium car like the X6 sports Activity Coupe with many customers inclined to choose the sportier X6 over the more spacious and practical X5.

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