Tuesday 23 September 2014

BMW M5 crashes into a bus stop – Video


Wet pavement, lots of horsepower and being quick on the throttle, have made this driver crash his BMW M5 into a bus stop.
It’s not the first time we see a poorly handled BMW ending up in a crash, some more serious than others.
Looking at the video below, we observe an F10 BMW M5 in Alpine White colour coming from a stop sign and turning left onto a major road. Upon steering, it looks like the driver was a bit too aggressive on the throttle and with high performance tires on it and a wet road, the M5’s front wheels begin to turn but the back wheels spin out to the outside of the curve, causing the rear of the car to fishtail. Instead of letting off the gas and keep his foot off the brake, the driver seems to panic, counter steers and ends up hitting the bus stop.

It’s unknown if any casualties resulted from this, but our hopes are that this was just a mistake that everyone could recover from.

The lessons learned here are always to assess the driving conditions, be alert and learn some of the basic rules of over steering: quickly steer the car into the direction you want to go, as your car begins to head in the correct direction, counter-steer to ensure your car stays on the intended path.

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