Thursday 7 August 2014

BMW Vs. Tesla – Which Company Is A Bigger Innovator?


BMW will not only compete in the premium segment with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Infiniti or Cadillac, but also with new companies that aim to take on and conquer the electric vehicles premium segment. The new player Tesla is what everyone is talking about at the moment, and whether it will be able to reach the standards and prestige level that its more experienced and older competitors have.

With a charismatic, intelligent and risk-taker CEO, Elon Musk, the California-based automaker is already providing to electric customers. He is giving them the Tesla Models S. The same car scored the highest score in Consumer Reports and it is often regarded as one of the best cars on the market in the electric and conventional areas.

Tesla have also revealed a future crossover model which is already in the works while a mid size premium EV will arrive in the frame to take on the mighty BMW 3 Series.

However, BMW is betting on the same market as well. With the largest investment in the company’s history, the i sub-brand is BMW’s biggest bet, and one that will challenge the historical premium automaker at the next level. The new BMW i3 and i8 are also regarded as two of the most technologically advanced electric or plug-in hybrid cars on the market and initial statistics show the bet on “green cars” will pay off.

Furthermore, the two companies have a mutual respect for each other. Despite initial jokes aimed at BMW’s i3 design, representatives from the two automakers have recently met to discuss future plans for supercharging these electric and hybrid cars.

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