Sunday 17 August 2014

Arabs take to Knightsbridge, London with their army of supercars!


If your into fast and exotic cars, be sure to head down to Knightsbridge, London before the summer ends! The famous supercars are over for their summer holidays with their arab owners, racing the streets of London. For many Londoners, the summer is a chance to escape the noise and bustle of the capital in search of relaxation and sun overseas, but as the Brits hit the beaches, London becomes the top destination for super-rich Arab tourists and their supercars. The streets are full of fleets of the supercars. Everything from Lamborghini Aventadors to Bugatti Veyron’s are racing through Knightsbridge showing off their beauty and skills. Whoever thought standing in the streets of the busy city would be so amusing but when you have these wonderful cars flying past, people of all ages are bound to stare and be fascinated by not only the look of these cars but also the sound. It’s truly a fun and fascinating day out!

Car spotters from all over (known as Carparazzi) have been heading down to ‘supercar central’ taking pictures and videos to share with others. Here are some links to some of what we thought were the best videos of these awesome supercars:

By Millie Davis

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