Thursday 12 June 2014

Get caught speeding and face the new consequences


So, we’re sure you've heard by now that the government are thinking of introducing new disciplinary action against those caught speeding on the motorway.

Currently, if you get caught speeding on the motorway you get issued with a letter with intention to prosecute. From this, you could either get offered a speed awareness course or have to pay an £100 fine and be awarded 3-6 points on your licence. If you were speeding excessively, you may even have your licence revoked and be banned from driving or forced to retake your tests.

But now, they are thinking of introducing a new system in which if you get caught speeding on the motorway you will be issued with a (quadrupled) fine of £10,000.
That’s worth more than or almost as much as some of the cars motorists will be driving! 

The fine for getting caught whilst speeding on a dual carriageway is also going to increase four-fold from £1,000 to £4,000. This fine also applies for being caught whilst using your phone behind the wheel. No excuses any-more. 

If this new legislation is put forward and approved it will be the first change to the penalty system since 1991 and the idea has already been met by some opposition. People that are against this legislation worry that the increased fine will prevent people having the courage to challenged unjust speeding tickets/offences in court. 

So, we want to know what your opinion on the whole thing is. Do you think increasing the fine to £10,000 is a good idea or do you think revoking a licence is more of a punishment for drivers caught speeding?

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