Friday 23 May 2014

What are the advantages of buying a pre-owned car?


When you decide that a new car is needed you need to make the decision as to whether you want to buy a new car or a pre-owned one.

There are many advantages to both but this post is going to look at the advantages of purchasing a pre-owned car.

That badge is now in your price range – It’s no secret that prestige cars come with a prestige price tag. When you opt to purchase a pre-owned vehicle that brand is now in your price range and an option. 

It’s now a fraction of the price – Based on the fact that the car is no longer brand new and a few years old you will be able to pick it up for a fraction of its original cost. The car would have covered several miles since brand new and other factors would have decreased the price, hello super savings!

No production time ­– When you opt to purchase a new car and have it made to your requirements there is obviously a waiting time while the vehicle is in production. When you purchase a pre-owned car there is no production time so you’ll be driving your new set of wheels within no time at all.

Less depreciation – Cars will never stop depreciating but its major deprecation happens when it is brand new. After a few years its deprecations lows down (or stops) meaning the car begins to hold its value a bit better. If you purchase the car after its major deprecation stage you’ll get more for your money and more money back when it comes to sell the car on again.

Lesser Insurance – When a car is brand new insurance will tend to be higher on the vehicle (because being new, it makes it more desirable to thief’s). After a few years have passed the insurance prices will fall. This means even more savings for you.

Choice – With people updating their cars more often now, it means they are needing to sell their old vehicles on. This means there is a wide market for choice. Whether you chose to purchase privately or through a used car dealer; the choices will be endless! 

So there you have it, the advantages to buying a pre-owned car! If you can think of any more let us know by commenting below! 

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