Wednesday 28 May 2014

Driving…with no hands?


We've all had to do it! Mirror, signal, manoeuvre, feeding the steering wheel and checking our mirrors every seven seconds -  the countless hours behind the wheel learning to drive.

But, what if we were to say there’s a car coming your way that requires very little effort to drive? No effort at all in fact, it's self-driven! 

Google have announced (yesterday evening) that they are beginning to build the first self-driving car. This little car will be capable of speeds up to 25MPH and will have only a start/stop button as any form of control. Google plan to have this little roadster on the road(s) within a year.
To make things even more unique, Google have scrapped the idea of the cars we know today and have created a whole new design, with over 100 prototypes being tested throughout this summer.

But can we cope with having no control over the vehicle? It has no steering wheel, no brakes or accelerator pedals, it relies solely on the equipment, sensors and software built into the car. It’s designed to take the stress out of driving! 

Google have confirmed that the first design of the self-driven car will be basic in order for the design and technician teams to make changes as quickly as possible. All this aside Google are hoping to revolutionise the driving experience by removing the stress of driving and putting safety first! 

Here at Big Motoring World we're looking forward to this new little cars release to see what it can really do!
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