Friday 4 April 2014

Finally, something to rival Mercedes GL.


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BMW verified the all-new X7 full-size SUV a week ago. It went as far as to put a 2016 production date, which will begin in Spartanburg. Depending on a longer version of the X5 foundation, the range-topping cross-over will contend next to cars such as Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, the Cadillac Escalade, and also the Range Rover.

Honestly, we are surprised it had taken this long to bring the X7 to the market. BMW’s chief competitors had been doing quite nicely in relation to their full-size luxury family range. I wonder why it took BMW so long to leap on the bandwagon.
Here’s what the X7 could look like:
We speculated a while back that the X7 might be geared towards the up-and-coming markets, like China, India, and Russia. With development planned for South Carolina, though, I'm wondering if most X7 sales will initially take place stateside, similar to the Alabama-built Mercedes GL.

Yet another theory we threw around is that the rumoured Rolls-Royce Sports utility vehicle would be based on the X7’s platform. While that still is plausible, I was expecting the Roller to include a bit more bespoke chassis in contrast to a lengthened X5. Possibly, few Rolls buyers will know the difference between a distinctive platform and that of a BMW-sourced unit. So, why not!?

 Should the X7 looks anything similar to the Autocar-created rendering above, which is considerably more manly and menacing in comparison to the GL, it should sell well indeed. The minute we get more information on the big-time BMW, we’ll make sure to bring it for you, so make sure to check back soon.
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