Friday 13 September 2013

Big Motoring World| Big Mission Weekend Charity Draw Result


It has been exceedingly pleasant working alongside the Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance for the Big Mission Weekend. As we have promised, we now have the result of the winners in.

But before we mention the winners, we thought you guys would be interested in knowing that overall, we’ve managed to raise just over £5000 for the charity. Each call-out of the charity helicopter costs about £2,500, so the fantastic sum raised will potentially save two lives.


The visit to the Kent Air Ambulance base was a reality check for me, and Phillipa; they were on a mission during our visit, and we got first-hand experience re the process required to take off- it was like watch a movie! Being at the base really hit home about how worth while the cause really is and as we sat talking to some of the staff, the ambulance set off, not only was it thrilling to watch but made every penny raised that much more valuable and clear how necessary fundraising is to the charity.

You can watch the video of the draw which took place and you’ll find out whom the winners are.

Happy viewing.

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