Thursday 2 May 2013

The Big Return For Porsche at Le Mans


Hello to all Race Fans,

The most famous endurance race in the world will be upon us very soon, And to make it even more interesting this 90 year Porsche are 2014.They have been away some years now, But I bet they have something up there sleeve to show the world of endurance racing. Good Luck Porsche, I and other race fans around the world welcome your return.....At Last....You will give Audi a run for the money...

This race is a chapter of automotive history since 1923- 24 Heures Du Mans. In 2013 this iconic race, which has seen some of the most beautiful duels of legendary manufacturers and drivers come together to compete in the best endurance race in the world, will be celebrating it's 90th Birthday of the sport. This is the worlds oldest active sports car race in endurance racing, held every year since 1923 in france near to the town of Le Mans. More Commonly known as the Grand Prix of Endurance & Efficiency. The Teams have to balance speed against the cars ability to run for 24 hours without sustaining damage and manage the cars consumables such as fuel and tyres. The Drivers endurance is also tested, drivers can spend over 2 hours behind the wheel before stopping and allowing a relief driver to take over.
The race is organised by the Automobile Club de L'Quest(ACO) and runs on the Circuit de la Sarthe, a circuit containing a mix of closed public roads and a specialist motor racing circuits that are mean't not only to test a car and driver's ability to be quick, but also to last over a 24 hour period. The teams will race in groups called classes, for cars of similar specification while at the same time competing for outright placing amongst all of the classes. The race was originally held for cars sold to the general public as sport cars compared to the specialist racing cars used in the Grand Prix. Over time, the competing vehicles evolved away from their publicly available road car roots and today, the race is split into two classes of specialized enclosed-bodywork two-seat Prototype sports cars and two classes of Grand Touring cars which bear much closer resemblance to high performance sports cars as sold to the public today,
We have seen many winners from Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Porsche & Ford to name a few and legendary drivers such as Bob Wollek, Mario Andretti & Tom Kristensen

I wonder who will join the ever ending list of winners this year.

1923 First Edition of the "24 Heures Du Mans"
1930 Bentley wins for the first time, this will be the sage for the Bentley boys
1949 Luigi Chinetti wins the event with Ferrari
1955 A Very bad accident in the first hours of the race, killing 80 people
1967 The "Race of the Century", 300,000 fans arrive to attend the fight against Ford & Ferrari/breaking the 5000 km mark for the first time.
1970 First of many victories for Porsche and the making of the Le Mans film with Steve McQueen.
1971 The introduction of the flying start & not standing
1972 Matra, Pescarolo & Graham Hill win. Hill is the only driver having won in Le Mans, in Indianapolis & Being F1 world champion
1980 Jean Rondeau becomes the first driver to win in HIS OWN car at Le Mans
1988 Speed record of 405 km/h by the prototype WM with a Peugeot engine
1991 Victory of Mazda, First & only Japanese Manufacturer  having Won this event
1998 16th & last victory of Porsche - A Record!
1999 Saw F1 driver Mark Webber victoriously flip his car
2002 Making of the film Michel Vaillant
2006 First victory of a diesel engine at Le Mans, the Audi R10 TDi
2008 Tom Kristensen wins for the 8th time with Audi
2010 Lap record by the Peugeot 908 HDI FAP in 3'19"074, which is an average of 246.463 km/h
2011 13.85" difference on the finishing line between the winning Audi & Peugeot
2012 A Hybrid car puts its name on the list of winners; The Audi R18 e-tron Quattro
And Finally this is what it is all about, Winning 24 Heures Du Mans..Congratulations Audi....But who will be up for this years challenge...

Until next time bloggers, keep em peeled......

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