Friday, 30 May 2014

How do I know when my car needs to be serviced?

Have you just bought yourself a BMW or Mercedes? Nice cars aren’t they?
If you’re new to these cars you probably won’t know if your car needs a service or when its next service is due. Well, you’re in luck, this blog will explain when you should service your car.

The average miles covered between each service should roughly be between 12,000 to 16,000 miles. However, depending on your driving style and how may miles you cover per journey, your cars on-board computer will tell you when.


BMW, Mercedes (and most prestige cars) have what is known as a CBS system or Condition Based Servicing. This means that when they car needs to be serviced it will tell you!
The CBS system monitors the usage and lifespan of all the functioning parts of the car. When a functional part becomes worn, fractured, broken or is nearing the end of its lifespan the service light will appear on your dashboard letting you know the car needs to be serviced.

On average, the vehicle will give you around a month’s warning (before the worn parts life expires). This givens you ample opportunity to get the car booked in with your dealer.
So through the long and short of it, your car will tell you when it needs to be serviced so until then, sit back and enjoy the ride!

If your car is due for a check or service give us a call on: 01634 244 211 or visit our servicing page on our website here:

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Driving…with no hands?

We've all had to do it! Mirror, signal, manoeuvre, feeding the steering wheel and checking our mirrors every seven seconds -  the countless hours behind the wheel learning to drive.

But, what if we were to say there’s a car coming your way that requires very little effort to drive? No effort at all in fact, it's self-driven! 

Google have announced (yesterday evening) that they are beginning to build the first self-driving car. This little car will be capable of speeds up to 25MPH and will have only a start/stop button as any form of control. Google plan to have this little roadster on the road(s) within a year.
To make things even more unique, Google have scrapped the idea of the cars we know today and have created a whole new design, with over 100 prototypes being tested throughout this summer.

But can we cope with having no control over the vehicle? It has no steering wheel, no brakes or accelerator pedals, it relies solely on the equipment, sensors and software built into the car. It’s designed to take the stress out of driving! 

Google have confirmed that the first design of the self-driven car will be basic in order for the design and technician teams to make changes as quickly as possible. All this aside Google are hoping to revolutionise the driving experience by removing the stress of driving and putting safety first! 

Here at Big Motoring World we're looking forward to this new little cars release to see what it can really do!
What do you think of the idea? Let us know by leaving a comment below, tweet us  @BigMotoring or post on our Facebook page:

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Audi, BMW and Mercedes at Big Motoring World!

Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The three most recognised names in the prestige car world, continuously battling it out to be the best in the business.

If nothing else has come out of the three manufacture's "one-up-manship" we can be sure that some amazing enginuity and therefore some great cars have come out of it. All 3 manufactures have a great range of cars that perform like a dream and last almost a lifetime!
Audi's most recent release; the Audi A1, has some excellent reviews and starting from £15,000 you can't go wrong! 
BMW have released their 2 series coupé, soon to be followed by the 2 Series Active Tourer and Mercedes are soon to release their ML Coupé, it's all full steam ahead! 

We thought we'd put the three brands head-to-head and posted this image over the weekend asking for your opinions: 

It turns out that the majority of our Facebook followers would opt for an Audi over a BMW or Mercedes and we’d like to ask why this is?
Do they have a better range of designs, do the cars last longer? Or is it just the brands reputation that makes their cars so desirable?

Out of the three cars above what car would you go for and why? Let us know by leaving a comment below, tweet us  @BigMotoring or post on our Facebook page:

Friday, 23 May 2014

What are the advantages of buying a pre-owned car?

When you decide that a new car is needed you need to make the decision as to whether you want to buy a new car or a pre-owned one.

There are many advantages to both but this post is going to look at the advantages of purchasing a pre-owned car.

That badge is now in your price range – It’s no secret that prestige cars come with a prestige price tag. When you opt to purchase a pre-owned vehicle that brand is now in your price range and an option. 

It’s now a fraction of the price – Based on the fact that the car is no longer brand new and a few years old you will be able to pick it up for a fraction of its original cost. The car would have covered several miles since brand new and other factors would have decreased the price, hello super savings!

No production time ­– When you opt to purchase a new car and have it made to your requirements there is obviously a waiting time while the vehicle is in production. When you purchase a pre-owned car there is no production time so you’ll be driving your new set of wheels within no time at all.

Less depreciation – Cars will never stop depreciating but its major deprecation happens when it is brand new. After a few years its deprecations lows down (or stops) meaning the car begins to hold its value a bit better. If you purchase the car after its major deprecation stage you’ll get more for your money and more money back when it comes to sell the car on again.

Lesser Insurance – When a car is brand new insurance will tend to be higher on the vehicle (because being new, it makes it more desirable to thief’s). After a few years have passed the insurance prices will fall. This means even more savings for you.

Choice – With people updating their cars more often now, it means they are needing to sell their old vehicles on. This means there is a wide market for choice. Whether you chose to purchase privately or through a used car dealer; the choices will be endless! 

So there you have it, the advantages to buying a pre-owned car! If you can think of any more let us know by commenting below! 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Bank holiday Monday!

Bank Holiday Weekend! 

We all love a good bank holiday weekend and if we’re honest we’re all thankful when they come around. An extra day of weekend and one less day in the office- Thank you whoever made bank holidays a national day off!

The one downside though is that it gives you an extra day to do; well, not much! Everything closes on bank holiday Monday. Well, we’re here to say not everything closes. What better time to search for a new car than on Bank holiday Monday?

We’re open all bank holiday weekend; including bank holiday Monday from 9:30am – 6PM.

We’ll look forward to seeing you and helping you find your dream car:

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Could this be the future of car garages?

The expansion of getting facilities needs to keep up with higher numbers of electric cars making their way from showrooms to the road. BMW wants to make sure that potential drivers in their premium i3 all-electric and i-8 plugin hybrid cars have a charging port option that functions of the same quality as their BMWi cars and looks as exquisite.

The Solar Carport Concept plans to be an alternative for electric vehicle owners to supply power with their cars independent of electricity costs. Clearly obtaining good efficiency out of it demands dwelling in a sun abundant locality. The carport joined with the BMW i Wallbox Pro, which monitors and regulates vehicle charging may also redirect excessive electricity to utilise in your home.

At present, BMW hasn’t confirmed whether the Solar Carport will get to the production stage, but the growth of the electric car market clearly leaves space for a new-generation of energy providing garages.

Created by DesignworksUSA, BMW's California-based design studio, electric-vehicle recharging through the usage of solar power that is renewable is provided by the Carport Concept. The flat-roof design features 24 thin-glass-on-glass solar collector panels. A modular support prototype imitates lines and surface sculpting from the BMW i-range.

Monday, 19 May 2014

The BMW X7

The BMW X7; yes that’s right the X7, has been announced.

 The car is said to be the new seven-seat flagship model for the BMW X-range.

The BMW X7 is due to come out towards the end of 2018 and is set to rival the Mercedes GL and Range Rover. The announcement came from the BMW production factory in Carolina as they celebrated over 20 years in production. The vehicle will be produced in Carolina before being shipped to a world-wide market. 

Although, there is a wider market for bigger cars over the pond in the US, do you think the X7 will catch on in the UK? Are our cars getting bigger too?

It is said that the engine of the X7 will be a 6 cylinder with a highly developed e-drive and hybrid system to lower emissions and the damage to the environment.

The price of the prestige SUV is rumoured to be starting at £65,000. We’ll keep you updated as it draws closer to the vehicles release. In the meantime let us know what you think below, @BigMotoring or on our Facebook page:

Friday, 16 May 2014

What to expect when buying a used car

Purchasing a new car is something we all go through at some point. Depending on what you are looking for and your budget you may opt to purchase a car brand new or buy a pre-owned vehicle either privately or through a dealer.

What is entailed and what you receive when purchasing a car from main dealer differs from when you purchase a car from a used car dealer. This blog is going to take you through a few pointers so you know exactly where you are when buying a used car.

Do I get car mats with my used vehicle?
Although car mats will be provided with a car when it is bought brand new used vehicles more often don’t come with car mats as they are removed by the previous owner! It’s always a good idea to ask the sales man if the car comes with mats and if it does not you have plenty of time to purchase a set that you like!

Does my vehicle come with a spare key?
More often than not, no! Used vehicles come with one working key for the car. Once in a blue moon though a spare key may be provided and the dealer is therefore obliged to provide it for you.

Can I expect a tank of fuel in my car?
For safety and insurance purposes it is specified that the fuel levels in all cars (kept on a car sales or collection site) are kept as low as possible. There will always be enough fuel to get you to the nearest petrol station where you can fill up and enjoy your new car!

Does the car come with a vehicle handbook/owners guide/owner’s manual?
If the handbook is in the vehicle when it is delivered from auction then the dealer is obligated to provide it. Although this not may be the case. If the manual is not in the car when it is delivered a new manual will need to be purchased if it is something you require. 

Is the car provided with tax?
No! It’s the responsibility of each individual to tax their vehicle after purchase. All you require is the green slip on the V5 and a valid MOT certificate and the Post Office will provide you a tax disc.

Where is the SATNAV disk?
If SATNAV is one of your requirements it’s worth checking that the needed disc is included in the deal. This is because SATNAV discs are not provided with the vehicle and you may need to purchase one.

Does my vehicle come with a service book?
The service book is the same as the owner’s manual. If it is provided at the time of delivery then the dealer will pass it on! If not, one can be bought and re-stamped by the previous dealers that serviced the car.

We hope this information helps and you now know what to expect when buying a used car. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mercedes-Benz Reveal Plans for G-Class overhaul due in 2017

With the new Land Rover Defender due in 2017, Mercedes- Benz will reportedly release a major update to its G-Class around the same time in order to keep the competition between them alive. While the Land Rover will be an all new model, with new styling, engines and underpinnings, the Mercedes G-Class is only reportedly expected to have an update, although the changes to the vehicle are said to be so extensive they could be considered as a re-design. 
Reports revealed by insiders to Drive, reports that engineers are focused on improving the G-Class’s stability, both on and off the road. We are expecting to see a wider track, made necessary by wider wheels and new suspension designed to boost interior space.
Below is an image of the current Mercedes-Benz G-Class:
Below is an image of the concept of the G-Class due to be released in 2017:

The updated G-Class will also benefit from Mercedes-Benz latest tech, including electronic power-steering, new driver assistance features and the latest in connectivity and infotainment. Apparently the 2012’s Ener-G-Force concept car will influence some of the vehicle’s exterior styling, although the classic boxy look will remain.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Make way for the X4!

With the X4’s release date drawing ever closer we want to know what you think.

The X4 is due to go on sale on the 12th July 2014, that’s only two months away!
If you don’t know what the X4 is have a look here!

The idea behind the X4 was to merge two elements most commonly known for BMW’S. The power of the  
X-Drive and the sleek curves of the Coup
é. Just by looking at the image, we're pretty sure that they've achieved it. 

So, we want to know: do you think X4 is the next big thing for BMW? Will you be first in line? Do you think it’s a waste of engineering? Let us know below or at @BigMotoring or on our Facebook page:

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer!

We know the concept of a BMW 2 series sounds strange but it’s about to hit the streets.

The BMW 2 series active tourer is BMW’s first front-wheel drive car and will be the first in a line of newly designed front wheel drive models.

Not only is it the first front-wheel drive it will be the first BMW to be available with a three cylinder powered by a 1.5 litre, turbocharged petrol engine. We think this sounds like the makings of a pretty nifty little car!

The five seat tourer, will be making its debut appearance in the Geneva Motor Show this week and is due to go on sale in September at £23,000.

So, what do you think? Will you be first in line to own a 2 Series Active Tourer? 
Let us know at @BigMotoring or on our Facebook page:

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The BMW I8

Fancy a vehicle that’s both a sports car and environmentally friendly?

If you’re thinking it’s impossible, you’d be wrong!

The BMW I8, is next in line to be the hybrid supercar! It is promised to be the “perfect blend of sports car performance with environmental concern.”

With the car going on sale in July, there is already a queue of customers chomping at the bit to get one, without even knowing how it drives!

The I8 launch was held in Log Angeles and displayed its windscreen hinged doors, superb lighting and sleek figure.
With a 1.5 litre turbo petrol engine, a six speed auto transmission and electric motors driving the front wheels it’s set me be the next big thing in hybrid driving!

What do you think? Would you be first in line to pay £99, 845?
Let us know at @BigMotoring or on our Facebook page

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