Friday, 27 September 2013

Big Motoring World | Pioneering a change in the used car market

If you’ve been following our blog lately, you would know that we mentioned revealing a secret here on our blog for the first time. What is all this secret about I hear some of you saying? Well, we will get straight to the point as we don’t like secrets either.

We are extremely pleased to inform our customers and motorist in the UK that we’ve acquired new premise solely for car collections and servicing your precious vehicles. This new premise is a result of our customers’ feedbacks in relation to the experience they want when they visit Big Motoring World. This goes hand-in-hand with the expansion project currently taking place at the Addington site; all these are to ensure we deliver better customer experience and service. I have to admit; the management of Big Motoring World surprised me and my other colleagues with their acquisition.

We have posted some images of the new site below, but as time goes on, we will update you with all the services we’ll be offering there. I will hint you of what we are discussing; something that will change the landscape of car servicing in the South East of England, and eliminate weak used car dealership in the market.

As always…Big Motoring World pioneering changing in the used car market in the UK.
Till next time motoring fans.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Big Motoring World | Expansion: phase two

The Big Motoring World expansion build process is moving fast, and completion is drawing nearer. It is unbelievable how construction has evolved over the years; in less than three weeks, the frame of the building is up. In this update, you can see in the images below that the project has progressed; I’m sure the builders are racing against time to beat the cold weather.

The project manager has done extremely well to minimize interference with our day to day operation. And most importantly, our customers and visitors have been tremendously patient when they come on site.
The best is yet to come; the finishing of the building. We are excited, and we’re looking forward to seeing the finished project. We’ve been having meetings with suppliers, and the materials and equipment we’re purchasing are high-end quality to match this contemporary building.
The ultimate objective to deliver main dealership customer experience for a used car buyers is well in sight.
Very soon, we’ll be revealing a secret here for the first time- stay connected!


Friday, 13 September 2013

Big Motoring World| Big Mission Weekend Charity Draw Result

It has been exceedingly pleasant working alongside the Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance for the Big Mission Weekend. As we have promised, we now have the result of the winners in.

But before we mention the winners, we thought you guys would be interested in knowing that overall, we’ve managed to raise just over £5000 for the charity. Each call-out of the charity helicopter costs about £2,500, so the fantastic sum raised will potentially save two lives.


The visit to the Kent Air Ambulance base was a reality check for me, and Phillipa; they were on a mission during our visit, and we got first-hand experience re the process required to take off- it was like watch a movie! Being at the base really hit home about how worth while the cause really is and as we sat talking to some of the staff, the ambulance set off, not only was it thrilling to watch but made every penny raised that much more valuable and clear how necessary fundraising is to the charity.

You can watch the video of the draw which took place and you’ll find out whom the winners are.

Happy viewing.
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